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Every extrusion that leaves the manufacturing facility here at Fluortek, a Nordson Company, is a custom product, designed to the exact needs of our customer. Combine that with the industry’s most accessible—and most responsive—customer service staff, and it’s clear why Fluortek is chosen every day by medical device manufacturers around the world. As unique as the products we create, Fluortek can help you push your solutions further than ever before.


PTFE Tubing
A leading manufacturer of custom PTFE tubing for the medical industry, Fluortek offers a unique range of PTFE extrusion options delivering maximum surface lubricity, high chemical and thermal resistance, biocompatibility, and/or exact extrusion tolerances.

Fluoropolymer Tubing
From pellet to product, Fluortek’s proprietary fluoropolymer compounding/blending process provides custom color and radiopaque fillers while maintaining strict process control. Fluortek is one of the few companies in the world manufacturing our vast array of fluoropolymer materials.

Thermoplastic Tubing
To ensure today’s most effective extrusion and catheter body solutions, Fluortek manufactures a wide range of thermoplastic materials including polyolefins, TPUs, TPEs, and polyamides. Benefits include high impact strength, ease of bondability, flexibility, and wide durometer range.

Value-Added Services
One of Fluortek’s distinct advantages over our competitors is our ability to not only manufacture custom precision tubing, but also provide expert in-house component assembly, secondary operations, and custom material compounding. Fluortek can deliver partially finished devices to your exact specifications.