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Fluortek Announces New Capabilities

April 17, 2012

Fluortek is excited to announce the expansion of its extrusion capabilities with an additional High Performance Thermoplastic Tubing Extrusion Line designed specifically for softer Polyurethanes and Pebax®.

The High Performance thermoplastic extrusion line utilizes a state of the art process control system enabling Fluortek to now offer:

  • Tighter Tolerances
  • Improved Dimensional Stability
  • Thinner Walls
  • Complex Multi-lumens
  • Precision Taper/Bump Tubing
  • Wider Range of Material Durometers
  • Higher Degree of Lot to Lot Consistency
  • SPC Data Logging Capabilities
  • More Competitive Pricing

These enhanced capabilities allow us to meet the precise requirements of the Medical Device Market. Our focus on custom dimensioned tubing is optimal for applications such as Vascular and Neurovascular Catheters and Micro Introducers. 

In addition, Fluortek offers these value-added services to meet your project requirements:

  • Taper and Radius Tipping
  • Flanging and Flaring
  • Printing
  • Notching and Drilling
  • Marker Bands
  • Welding
  • Braid / Coil Reinforced

From conceptual design through production, Fluortek offers creative ideas and engineering services to benefit your product development and drive your company's growth!

Please send your request for information and/or quotation to the Fluortek Sales Department at

Fluortek looks forward to working on your next Thermoplastic Tubing project!