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PTFE Tubing

Choose Fluortek, a Nordson Company, and choose one of the world’s leading manufacturers of custom PTFE tubing for the medical industry.

PTFE tubing is Fluortek’s most popular material choice for medical device applications that require maximum surface lubricity, high chemical and thermal resistance, biocompatibility, and/or exact extrusion tolerances.

A true PTFE specialist since 1980, Fluortek offers a wide range of chemically inert PTFE tubing that delivers excellent dielectric insulation properties, a working temperature range of 500°F to -400°F, and high thermal resistance. Fluortek’s custom PTFE extrusion capabilities include:

  • Custom profiles and monofilament
  • Custom multi-lumen: 2-6 lumens
  • Micro-bore: 0.002"-0.020" (0.051mm-0.51mm) IDs
  • Thin wall: 0.021"-0.300" (0.52mm-7.62mm) IDs; walls from 0.0012" (0.025mm)
  • Custom heatshrink
  • Radiopaque fillers/stripes
  • Inline and dip etching

Performance Specifications

  • Upper Service Temperature: 500°F/260°C
  • Melting Point: 635-650°F/327°C
  • Tensile Strength: 2500-4000 PSI
  • Specific Gravity: 2.13-2.24
  • Coefficient of Friction: 0.08

PTFE Tubing Options

  • Single-Lumen Tubing:Fluortek’s most basic product. Available in an array of sizes and colors.
  • Multi-Lumen/Profile Extrusions:Multi-lumen and OD profile configurations for complex tubing applications.
  • Thin-Wall & Micro-Bore Tubing:Often used as the inner layer/liner of braid and coil reinforced catheters. Ideal for integration into catheter designs.
  • Radiopaque Tubing:Radiopaque fillers such as bismuth trioxide allow tubing to remain visible during fluoroscopy or x-ray imaging.
  • Splittable Tubing: Most commonly used for venous introducer applications. Allows for easy tear-away post-catheterization.
  • Etched Liners: Can be provided in cut lengths or spooled over wire. Deliver a lubricious, chemical-resistant inner layer to build complex catheters upon.
  • Heatshrink Tubing:Supplied for a wide array of applications. Engineering available to create a custom shrink tube that assures optimal functionality. 

Device Components

  • Tear-away/splittable sheath
  • Filled PTFE
    • Custom colors
    • Radiopaque fill/stripe
  • Etched PTFE liner
    • Micro-bore/thin-wall/over-wire
  • Tubing for packaging or stent crimping/assembly

Value-Added Features

  • OD etching
    • Bondability to outer jacket
  • Dip etching
    • Ease of hub attachment
  • Atraumatic taper and radius tips
  • Flanging and flaring
    • Ease of hub attachment
  • Notching and drilling
  • Slitting
    • Ease of peelability