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Multi-Lumen Extrusions

Fluortek, a Nordson Company, offers multi-lumen extruded configurations designed for complex tubing applications, available in an array of materials and custom compounds:

Multi-Lumen Tube Extrusions

  • Custom configurations with up to 6 lumens
  • Round and/or profile lumen shapes available
  • Custom lumen shapes

Device Components

  • Material compounds
    • Custom colors
    • Radiopaque fill/stripe
  • Multi-lumen tubing
    • Multiple fluid paths
    • Tight tolerances
    • Special lumen profiles
  • Tubing for packaging or assembly

Value-Added Features

  • Taper and radius tipping
  • Lumen closure/sealing
  • Flanging and flaring
  • Notching and drilling
  • Welding
  • Braid/coil reinforced
    • Round/flat stainless steel wire
    • Nylon monofilament
    • Variable PIC counts