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Pushing your solutions further.

Fluortek, a Nordson Company, is a precision plastic extrusion manufacturer providing the medical device industry with custom dimensioned tubing that continues to set new production and quality expectations. From conceptual design to product engineering, from raw materials to finished extrusion, Fluortek’s experience and process technology ensure that our finished product will help you make the most of yours.

Multi-Lumen Extrusions
Multi-lumen, and taper/bump extruded configurations designed for complex tubing applications.

Heatshrink Tubing
Custom tubing for a wide array of applications. Engineering assistance available to ensure optimal functionality.

Profile Extrusions
Available in a variety of materials and custom compounds as well as custom configurations and shapes.

Thin Wall/Micro-Bore Tubing
Often used as the inner layer/liner of braid and coil reinforced catheters. Assortment of thin wall and micro-bore PTFE products.

Radiopaque Fillers
Array of radiopaque fillers available to allow tubing to remain visible during fluoroscopy or x-ray imaging.

Splittable Tubing
Combines the radiopaque features of bismuth trioxide with PTFE to produce tubes with splittable or peelable properties.

Etched Liners
Can be provided in cut lengths or spooled over wire. Deliver a lubricious, chemical-resistant inner layer to build complex catheters upon.